The Main Characteristic of Hongxing Spiral Classfier

Spiral classifier (screw classifier) is popular for distributing ore within the near circuit with ball mill, grading ore and high-quality slit within the gravity mill, grading granularity while in the stream of steel ore-dressing and declaiming and dehydrating inside the washing. Strengths are easy structure, trusted functioning issue and effortless operation. In accordance on the principle that distinct grains are with unique certain gravity and sedimentation amount in the liquid, the very good ore flows within the drinking water as well as the coarse ore sinks inside the base. The classifier which has device grading by discharging through the prime can filtrate the resources and deliver study course materials to the feeding mouth and discharge the high-quality material from your pipe. The seat with the machine adopts channel metal and body adopts armor plate along with the spiral axle adopts cast iron, so it’s durable. The lifting equipment has two forms, namely electrical energy and hand.

Zhengzhou Hongxing mining company has produced a set of Allflux dual fluidized classifiers began to put into use in the world famous Zhengzhou Hongxing Company at main mineral processing plant in July 2002. It replaced the original 2 series of grading equipment, and selected fine magnetite ore, which was a great success. The device model is AFX-1 500. Ore handling capacity is 280 Uh, ore density is 4 500 kg/m ‘, and slurry density is l370 kg/m3. The pulp concentration is 35%. The largest feeding ore particle size is 850 um, P ∞ is 140,-44 UM takes account 20%–35%. From small lab to large industrial equipment, there are a variety of specifications and models of composite flow layer classifier. Stand-alone solid handling capacity is generally between 10-1 000Uh, solids content (concentration) is between 10%–75%. Slurry handling capacity is between 20-2 500 m’/h, and upper limit of feeding particle size is generally 8mm. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as Vibrating grizzly feeder, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

In addition to obvious technical advantages, the biggest advantage of duplex flow classifier is unparalleled economic indicators. Combination of high grade efficiency, large capacity, low footprint and advanced technology of multiple hierarchical, reduces construction investment and running costs to a large extent. Since above statement of low wear, low power consumption, it leads to compound fluidized classifiers lower investment. And the running cost is significantly far lower than other devices, which is also one of the biggest advantages.

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