Some Notes of Vibrating Screen in Production

Vibrating screen is a kind of ore beneficiation, when it cannot be started or its amplitude is too small, you should first consider if the electrical is blocked, the motor or circuit element is damaged, perhaps the local voltage is not sufficient, if the three parts have no problems, and then from mechanical part to check whether the screen surface accumulates too much material, and if so, please clear it.
The material flow of screen surface is abnormal, there are two reasons: the first is the screen box stiffness is too short, it’s critical frequency, explaining that the connecting bolt has already vibrated, even to the extent of the overall vibration, i.e., binding. The second is the screen box lateral doesn’t align, from the supporting seat of supporting feet or spring itself to find fault, you can change the spring, the pad or bearing size, and may screen top wire breakage cause the problem, as long as it can replace screen.
Screening quality is not good, the reason of the problem is improper operation, maybe the mesh is plugged or fine material into the screen increased and moisture increased make screen feeding layer too much, feed unequal and so on. Machines may be responsible for either side of the screen pulling is not tight, if the shaft eccentricity vibrates, may drag belt in weakness, belt too loose, after mechanical problems are finished, you can reversely rotate for a period, in order to improve the quality of screening.

During the normal work, if the vibrating screen rotates slowly, bearing is fever, this kind of situation shows the usual maintenance don’t catch up with, the bearing is lack of grease, if the grease is new because of the quality problem of the grease or the full grease, inferior oil make bearing block and labyrinth seal card plug, so the quality of the grease is quite important.
Noise is too large, maybe the bearing has been damaged, bolt has loosed, beam fracture and spring have damaged, in addition the bolt can be tightened, the other three kinds of condition all needs to replace parts.

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