the synthetic grass industry innovation across the artificial turf industry technology updates quickly

New materials in the world the rapid development of new technology also contributed to theĀ synthetic grass industry innovation across the artificial turf industry technology updates quickly, three major aspects of performance once again raise!

Especially some new material to be applied to the production of artificial grass as an alternative to the old material, making the artificial turf products significantly enhance performance and better meet the needs of the movement.

New jet yarn single fiber artificial grass gradually upgrading slice single fiber artificial turf.

Slice single fiber artificial grass appearance like natural grass turf is likely to cause human mechanical scratch its life, the binding force, abrasion resistance and other obvious flaws.
New jet yarn single fiber, the fiber forming grass diameter thick durable prolong life for up to 2 times the normal grass fibers, completely solve the hair removal pilling phenomenon. Easy maintenance and refurbishment, the development trend of the international fashion China artificial grass.

PU bottom back gradually upgrading and updating of the ordinary the bottom back (wool grid) soccer grass.

, Artificial grass products are mostly used PU backing material and technology to replace ordinary backing (wool, mesh), due to the high technical threshold, currently in the country only a few manufacturers can produce.

Nylon (PA) artificial grass artificial grass gradually upgrading and updating of traditional polypropylene (PP).

Domestic production in most of the artificial grass manufacturer straight song mixed series of artificial turf, the curved grass part of the basic material of choice for polypropylene (PP), due to defects in the material itself, making the actual use of the product effects and poor, is to shorten the service life of artificial turf products. To change this, artificial soccer grass manufacturer introduced a to substitute polypropylene (PP) Nylon (PA) material of straight song mixed series of soccer artificial grass, through practical application, greatly enhance the performance and service life of the product.

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