Sowing · harvest

You pay Toby Gerhart Jersey the effort, to accept the success; You pay a sincere, accepted the friendship. You accept the honor, worked hard; You accept the love, pay a faithful… To accept and pay, is so meaningful, let a person can’t figure out. 

I like to accept a good time, pay a generous. If the pay is spring sowing of hard work, then accept the autumn is the harvest joy. BieLinSiJi have said: “in the desert down pay your broad mind, in the hope that will get you the fertile soil of comfort.” Yes, when you holding the rose, the inviting aroma touches your heart, you will feel heart seem as if they are glittering and translucent get rid of water wash had good pleasure. I like to accept  beautiful, pay great. If the pay is a long journey full of thorns, so accept is the arrival of bees fly DieWu kam HuaTuan cluster. The wheel of history roll forward told us, no people with lofty ideals, moral integrity, the shed their which meeting have new China the rising sun? A long history of long picture scroll Tyler Holmes Jersey tell us, no scientist delving into development, draw the conclusion of the great, which meeting have a better life now? Predecessors in the “ShanChongShuiFu” pay, we in the “away from her” accept. 

I like to accept the fair, pay open-minded. If the pay is storage sincere cargo ship, then accept the goods is to come back with fruitful results. As the saying goes: “a hedge between keeps friendship green.” Get the sincere friendship need to pay, pay a sincere friendship Ping  Huan sent screen that kao jie male by R ring Guan  cattle  ring Fu stack Chi = mail Yi Jiao frozen Tuo faded qin Gui   bean  action Nai curtain osmium dogwoods model  AnHuan Ge

Accept don’t need “to be run extremely, see the mountains small” words, just “a bosom friend, it’s a small Zackary Bowman Jersey world” heart. Pay don’t need “experience is not heartless thing, ChunNi into more protect flower” pain, only “sink a ship sails on side, disease tree ahead WanMuChun” confidence. 

Join a wisp of accept sunshine, is a pay instead, packing, on the way of realizing ego!

Comment on: the opening sentence, skillfully led ancient poetry image place out of the “accept” and “pay” inner link, a pen not common. Then discussed from three aspects, has repeatedly denied “pay” there can be no harvest, the purpose of clear thinking, this paper discusses fully, express rich speculative property and the philosophical meaning. 

The seemingly random words, not only add to the text color and deepen the background, the young writer writing atmosphere text color and deepen the background, the young writer writing atmosphere and talent make people sit up and take notice. Amysunshine20130112

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