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Basic Accountancy Terms: Abbreviations, Acronyms & Their Definitions Bay Atlantic University Washington, D C.

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

accounting acronyms

Rasmussen University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Essentially, it’s the amount it cost you to acquire the product you’re selling. A company defined as an OEM is one whose products are components used in products of a different company.

Connecting the Dots on Wokeism, and How ESGs Could Hurt Myrtle … –

Connecting the Dots on Wokeism, and How ESGs Could Hurt Myrtle ….

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A report release date is a date when a company releases its financial statements. For example, Company Toys R Fun releases its quarterly financial statements on the first Monday of every fourth month. Reconciliation compares two sets of records to ensure figures are correct and agree with each other. It also confirms that accounts in a general ledger are consistent, accurate, and complete.

Gross Profit (GP)

Any profits earned will go to business owners, who will either pocket the cash or reinvest it back into the business. Accountants calculate the profit by total revenue – total expenses. Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) are rules and guidelines created by the accounting industry for companies to follow when reporting financial data. They provide a framework for studying an entity’s financial reports. GAAP is only one of many standards accountants have to follow, and another alternative is International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

  • EA (Enrolled agent) – The IRS defines an enrolled agent as someone who works for a company that serves as the tax advisor to its customers.
  • There you have it, some of the fundamental accounting terms and their definitions.
  • While revenue and sales can be synonymous, revenue establishes the data point comprising the sales component of a price-to-sales calculation.
  • SOX (The Sarbanes-Oxley Act) – A law enacted in 2002 to improve the accuracy and reliability of financial information reported by public companies.
  • If you purchase a machine that will last for 10 years you would expense the cost of that machine over the 10-year period.
  • In fundamental accounting, debits are balanced by credits, which operate in the exact opposite direction.

AIM (Alternative investment management) – A type of investment management not regulated by the SEC, including hedge funds, venture capital, and private equity. ADA (Allowance for doubtful accounts) – An estimate of the amount of money a company expects to lose on its uncollectible accounts. Now that you have a solid foundation of basic accounting terms, you’re ready to start on your path to entering the field. Learn more about the road ahead in our article, “Your Step-by-Step Guide on How to Become an Accountant”. Suppose Metro Hospital knew that certain accounts would never be paid.

Insured account

Some accounting terms are more common and important for all the accountant and accounting genres. There are 5 main accounting terms, and these are Accountants, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Assets, and Balance Sheet. If you’re only able to memorize a single acronym on this list, memorize this one. Those are just a few of the more popular professional certifications that accountants can earn.

What are the 5 accounting rules?

  • Revenue Recognition Principle. When you are recording information about your business, you need to consider the revenue recognition principle.
  • Cost Principle.
  • Matching Principle.
  • Full Disclosure Principle.
  • Objectivity Principle.

A balance sheet is a financial report that lists your company’s assets, liabilities, and equity. In other words, it’s a snapshot of your business as it stands as of the time of the report. ROI (Return on investment) This accounting abbreviations list entry denotes the amount of money a company earns in relation to its investments. P&L (Profit and loss) – One of the financial statement abbreviations, this one shows how much money a company has earned (profit) or lost (loss) during a specific period. Note that there is a difference between accounting profit and economic profit. EBIT (Earnings before interest and taxes) – This is one of the multiple accounting acronyms referring to earnings.

Capital/Working Capital

This credential is more commonly seen in the investment banking and investment management world, but business valuation analysts will sometimes have this designation, as well. Ever wonder about all those letters trailing your accountant’s name? Not that long ago, most CPAs did accounting and tax services, plain and simple. An Enrolled Agent is a professional accounting designation assigned to professionals who have successfully passed tests showcasing expertise in business and personal taxes. Enrolled Agents are generally sought out to complete business tax filings to ensure compliance with the IRS. The goal is to allocate capital across a multitude of assets so that the performance of any one asset doesn’t dictate the performance of the total.

If a company makes a sale on credit, a journal entry for accounts receivable is debited, so the sales account is credited. The two other standard financial sheets companies use are balance sheets and cash flow statements. The high-low method is a customary and straightforward way to separate variable costs from fixed costs. You take the highest and lowest activity levels, then compare the total costs at each level. For instance, a widget supply store sells widgets for 12 months, and it sold 125 in October for $5,550 – the most, and 50 in August – the least. An accountant has to use the high-low method to gauge the total costs for each level.

S Corp Tax Calculator

If five more come the next day and cost $200 each, the last ones received will be the first to be sold based on the LIFO method. Overall, inflation aims to measure the total impact of price kate whitmore obituary changes for a diverse set of products and services. At the same time, it allows for a single-value representation of the increase in the price level of goods and services in an economy.

Glossary – ESMA


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Suppose Tim’s Top Hats store sold its first hat in 1980, and it cost $10 to make and sold for $25. Twenty years later, it costs $100 to make and sells for $2,500 due to inflation. Inflation is the rising costs of goods and services over time, decreasing purchasing power. Inflation is not always a negative thing since it depends on an individual’s viewpoint and the rate of change. People with tangible assets such as property or stocked commodities may appreciate seeing inflation because it will raise the value of their assets. An enrolled agent is a finance professional legally allowed to represent people and businesses in Internal Revenue Service (IRS) encounters.

Operational expenses may be fixed (like rent) or variable (like commissions.) They would not include discretionary expenses like the cost of your holiday office party. Capital is the money that you have on hand and are able to spend on necessary business expenses, including inventory, payroll, and equipment. It’s important to differentiate capital – which is also sometimes called working capital – from money that is invested in inventory or stock. The only money that counts as capital is money that you can access.

What are the 5 accounting terms?

Five main types of accounts appear in a COA: assets, equity, expenses, liabilities, and revenues.

The secret Ritual of Alpha Kappa Alpha, 1977

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

african american

Remember you have already vowed to keep them secret. The sorors who have been designated to explain the symbols now came forward. For in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, challenging days will be ahead. Our very existence as an illustrious organization demands that we meet the challenges of social, economic, and religious charges with courage and imagination. We, in this sisterhood, are bound together by affection, by common interests, beliefs and inspiration.

Are sharing the truth of God in order help those understand the sinfulness of being in these organizations, and prayerfully plant seeds that lead to repentance, restoration and salvation in Jesus Christ. We will always refer back to The Bible because that is what we’re to live by, and also what we will be judged by. With that, we will expose some of the darkness and why you should denounce… 3 thoughts on “What ACTUALY HAPPENED at Kairos – aka… the secrets post.

Rare Pictures Of What Pledging A Black Greek Org Looked Like Back In The Day

It was the first full-time congressional lobby for minority group civil rights. The NPC was dissolved on July 15, 1948, by twelfth Supreme Basileus Edna Over Gray-Campbell. A year later, Alpha Kappa Alpha was the first sorority to apply for life membership in the NAACP. On May 10, 1930, Alpha Kappa Alpha, along with the fraternities Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi and sororities Delta Sigma Theta and Zeta Phi Beta, formed the National Pan-Hellenic Council at Howard University.

“Sorority hazing led to Northwestern student’s suicide, lawsuit claims”. Many members of Alpha Kappa Alpha have become civil rights activists, educators, entertainers, and politicians. The gated community will be located on a 48-acre site. The planning for Ivy Acres cost approximately US$32 million. Chapter Scholarships– Undergraduate and graduate members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s chapters send separate dues to the Educational Advancement Foundation to fund local scholarships.

Partnerships in Mathematics and Science

There can be hazing as a rite of passage to prove the man or women is worthy of being in the organization. Hazing activities can include, beatings (including “wood”, which is paddling), restricted from sleep, forced to eat certain things, required to give money or buy things, being forced to have sex, etc. There are secret sayings, secret grips, etc., as well.

And I took it as a sign so i went up and gave it a hug, It was quite amazing what you can get out of four days, and how much only four short days can change your life. I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to be on this retreat. By now, you also realize that the ritual secrets are just one percent of the membership experience. It is now up to you as a financial member to do your penance to the sorority, even if nobody else finds out. Together we accomplish far more than ever we would as individuals. A backward look at our sorority reveals a history of which we may be proud.

What ACTUALY HAPPENED at Kairos – aka… the secrets post.

I sincerely dedicate my time and talent to the growth and development of the program of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Take from me any selfishnes and lack of purpose which could keep me from following the ideals of the organization. Awaken within me holy desires, inspire me with a new enthusiasm of the revered FOUNDERS and grant me wisdom and strength that I may render service to all mankind. Or independently — security, a sense of responsibility, the response of friends and opportunities for experiences in mutually rewarding service.


The Mississippi Health Project brought primary medical care to the rural Black population across the state for six summers. The program has been recognized as the first mobile health clinic in the United States, assisting approximately 15,000 people in the Mississippi Delta. The project was noted for helping to decrease cases diphtheria and smallpox in the region and to improve nutritional and dental practices throughout rural Mississippi. Alpha Kappa Alpha is part of the National Pan-Hellenic Council . The current International President is Danette Anthony Reed, and the sorority’s document and pictorial archives are located at Moorland-Spingarn Research Center. The zetas with the kitty milk is mu beta chapter at Bethune cookman.

On March 22, 2012, a forensic audit of Alpha Kappa Alpha’s 2010 financial records revealed troubling concerns with past president, Barbara McKinzie’s development and access to a “secret” bank account. The audit of the sorority led to findings that supported the claims in the previous lawsuit. The audit also found two former officials continued to use sorority credit cards after their service ended, failing to appropriately document charges. Another lawsuit against the organization, the former president McKinzie and other officials contained similar allegations. The audit found that McKinzie and the other officials secretly created a second set of financial books to get around the sorority’s accounting policies. Led by incorporator Norma Elizabeth Boyd, the sorority created the National Non-Partisan Lobby on Civil and Democratic Rights in 1938, later renamed the National Non-Partisan Council on Public Affairs.


Tails is a live operating system, that you can start on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card. The Courage Foundation is an international organisation that supports those who risk life or liberty to make significant contributions to the historical record. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Servants each day, fresh confidence in Thy goodness.

Your group meets throughout the 4 day retreat to talk about a variety of subjects. You are allowed to speak your mind completely and without judgement. A lot of people tell personal stories, including the adult coordinators and the student leaders. These stories are usually God-related in some way or another. If I remember correctly, my Kairos group tried not to be TOO constantly God-centered, since some of the students weren’t actually Catholic, but there were many activities that had you question/grow your relationship with God. Any activities that involved you personally talking about your life/feelings/experiences were done in the smaller groups.

In collaboration with the International Foundation for Education and Self-Help , the sorority built ten schools in South Africa after apartheid ended, and it donated computer technology to the region. In April 1933, during the Great Depression, International President Ida Jackson visited All Saints Industrial School in Lexington, Mississippi. She found difficult conditions in the Mississippi Delta. Some of the teachers did not have an education past the seventh grade.

However, Clinton later declined initiation into the organization due to the sorority’s exclusive requirement preventing acceptance into other Pan-Hellenic organizations, and desired her membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha to be “non-exclusive.” Alpha Kappa Alpha has a membership of over 300,000 women internationally, with 90,000 active members of diverse backgrounds and professions. Graduate members constitute the largest percentage of membership. Alpha Kappa Alpha has over 1000 chapters, located in the United States, the Caribbean, Canada, and South Africa. I may be wrong but I feel like people who pledged “old school” have a greater respect for their organizations and are more serious about the work of their orgs. And I feel like the ties betweens line brothers or sisters were wayyyyyyyyy stronger.

The forth day was a day of celebration, when all of the small groups got together and had a little party, played games outside, met the people from the other groups. 2) You also have no excuse not to answer the call to service. Go to every chapter meeting, every conference, every convention. I would suggest that you run for office, but I think you should feel too sorry for yourself to ever even consider having your sisters vote you into a position of power, authority, or responsibility. At this time our deepest mysteries, our secret symbols, will be revealed to you.

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On July 17, 2008, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority set a Guinness World Record when 16,206 members set a record by having the largest-ever silver service sit-down dinner in a convention. Alpha Kappa Alpha contributed programs for inner city youth by capitalizing on political gains in the White House. On August 20, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Economic Opportunity Act, which allowed the creation of the Job Corps. The sorority wanted to operate a job training center for students. Led by president Julia Purnell, ΆKΆ negotiated with the Office of Economic Opportunity to operate a women’s center from October 1964 to January 1965. Alpha Kappa Alpha was awarded a $4 million grant (equivalent to $34.4 million in 2021) to operate the Cleveland Job Corps on February 12, 1965, becoming the first sorority to operate a federal job training center.

Timothy Bentinck aka David Archer reveals The Archers studio secrets – Country Living UK

Timothy Bentinck aka David Archer reveals The Archers studio secrets.

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GBI investigations led to indictments that included no members of the change in net working capital chapter. AKA’s internal investigation into the matter was completed with the chapter remaining in good-standing with the sorority’s highest leadership. Alpha Kappa Alpha celebrated its centenary with a year-long commemoration in 2008. The celebration coincided with the sorority’s biennial Boulé.

  • I will never forget the many hours I spent reading about AKA and finding out secrets I should not have known yet.
  • Now Masons/Eastern Stars will claim to be Christian, just like BGLOs do, and will use The Bible in their ceremonies and rituals.
  • Hillary Clinton, a white political rival and wife of President Clinton, declined membership.
  • Camille Armstrong was a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, a UAB Ambassador, and a promising political science student with aspirations to become a lawyer who was tragically killed in an automobile accident.
  • There was a lot of crying among other groups, but I remember mine being pretty tame.

In retelling her story, Chelsea seemed unfazed by this. She proceeded to Cubberley and called once outside. Standing in front of the sink, she called again, and was told to wait until further instructions were given. There is no reason other than an ability to play-up the capitalized letters. You won’t be the only one who wonders what secret-to-be-revealed prompted the silly title. We are hosting the party with a fraternity that has something in common with us (K and A for that matter, but the focus is the K; hence seKret) and the superficial part of being Pretty Girls and Pretty Boys .

Покупка и продажа Бид Bid и Аск Ask

Monday, July 6th, 2020

bid ask это

Нет необходимости постоянно следить за графиками при использовании отложенных ордеров. Они сработают даже при выключенном торговом терминале в отличие от трейлинг-стопа, который активен только при работающей торговой платформе. Отложенный ордер можно просто установить на покупку или продажу валюты, и тогда нет необходимости что-либо контролировать.

  • Аналогично, ордер Sell Limit может быть исполнен только по текущей или более высокой цене.
  • Его короткая позиция (долг) может превратиться из желательной в нежелательную, источающую чрезмерный риск подорожания.
  • Рассмотрим пример — один ваш сосед Иван Петрович хочет купить 10 кг картошки по 10 рублей — это цена бид.
  • Если бы Иван Петрович и Петр Иванович пошли на уступки друг другу, то могли бы совершить сделку немедленно.

Понимание цен бид и аск на валютном рынке помогает инвесторам формировать стратегии, вовремя закрывать заявки, устанавливать стоп-приказы. Линии бид и аск дают возможность увидеть случаи, когда стоимость валюты не добирает пары пунктов до уровня takeprofit, и почему следует корректировать установку этого уровня. В моменты выхода важных новостей разница Бида и Аска может значительно расшириться. Опять таки, если сравнивать фондовый рынок с Форексом, то разница существенная.

Что такое bid и ask на рынке форекс

Честный брокер всегда предлагает своим клиентам реальные условия, которые, тем не менее, остаются выгодными. Наша компания по праву считается одним из лучших брокеров Форекс (Forex brokers) в России и лучшим брокером Украины и СНГ. Форум — прекрасный способ ознакомиться с особенностями рынка и «из первых уст» узнать о торговле валютой, акциями и биржевой торговле. Здесь можно найти архивы котировок, обсуждения стратегий forex-торговли, полезных торговых советников, а также свежую аналитику рынков и ссылки на литературу. Вспомним обменный пункт — для любой мировой валюты цена продажи всегда выше, чем цена покупки. Это совершенно невыгодно для покупателей валюты, но очень выгодно для обменного пункта.

bid ask это

На следующий день на приисках в Азии старатели нашли 10 таких же алмазов как несколько дней ранее в Африке. Немедленно после появления информации об этом цена и спрос на африканский алмаз упали из-за изобилия однотипных алмазов.

Паттерн ВЕЧЕРНЯЯ ЗВЕЗДА / EVENING STAR Pattern [Price Action]: Сигналы, формирование, примеры торговли

Среди продавцов борьба за первое место разворачивается примерно в середине периода. LS9 «подрезает» LS8, LS11 – LS9, LSI8 – LSI 1, a LSI9 -LSI8. Ценовые уступки с обеих сторон сокращают спрэд с 391 тика после LB5до 86 тиков к Т21 (табл. 2). Если вы еще новичок на Форекс, то первое, что вам нужно сделать, это найти надежную брокерскую компанию. Мы рекомендуем вам посмотреть наш независимый рейтинг Форекс брокеров с подробным описанием торговых условий и реальными отзывами трейдеров. На фондовой бирже редко используют понятия Бида и Аска, хотя принцип торговли здесь такой же.

Why ‘Black Panther’ Is a Defining Moment for Black America … – The New York Times

Why ‘Black Panther’ Is a Defining Moment for Black America ….

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Рыночная цена – это текущая цена, по которой может быть куплена или продана валюта. Изменение предложения или спроса на валюту может привести к переоценке рыночной цены этой валюты. Ее также можно рассматривать как цену, по которой покупатели и продавцы соглашаются торговать на рынке в определенное время.

Применение линий аск и бид в стратегиях торговли

Формируется коридор цены, и когда предложения в определенной точке совпадают, заключается сделка. Цена спроса (Bid price) представляет собой максимальную цену, которую покупатель готов заплатить за акцию или другую ценную бумагу. Цена предложения (Ask Price) представляет собой минимальную bid ask это цену, которую продавец готов принять за ту же ценную бумагу. Торговля или сделка происходит, когда покупатель на рынке готов заплатить лучшее из имеющихся предложений или готов продать по самой высокой цене. Допустим, вы хотите купить доллары США, но не хотите платить слишком много.

  • Допустим, на рынке наблюдается нисходящий тренд, а в качестве уровня сопротивления выступает трендовая линия.
  • В зависимости от Форекс брокера разница между этими ценами будет разная.
  • Самые резкие изменения линии курса происходят после выхода новостей о финансовой ситуации по разным видам валют с фондового рынка.
  • На 100 франках эти потери составят 5 долларов убытка, на франках — уже 500 долларов.
  • 20 Информированные трейдеры – это крупные акционеры, топ-менеджеры и иные лица, имеющие доступ к приватной информации.

Таким образом, спред динамичен, меняется с течением времени. Величина спреда образуется засчет первоначальной величины, установленный брокером, а также за счёт волатильности валюты. Рассмотрим пример, когда следует размещать отложенные стоп ордера. Допустим, вы торгуете по стратегии на отскок от уровня.

Как узнать размер спрэда?

Торговый терминал MetaTrader4 учитывает спред автоматически. Когда трейдер в системе устанавливает очередной ордер, то он видит две цены с кнопками Sell и Buy. На графике же по умолчанию демонстрируется цена бид, но и цену аск можно установить, она будет выше линии бид как раз на величину спреда. Линия аск помогает упростить процесс заведения и сопровождения позиции.

Что такое Bid и Ask?

Цена «бид» (bid) – цена покупателя. По цене «бид» инвестор, выставивший эту цену, готов купить оговоренное количество финансовых активов. Цена «аск» (ask) – цена продавца. Цену «аск» запрашивает продавец за продажу определенного количества ценных бумаг.